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Hello, welcome to the Sia Wiki!

This wiki is intended as a source for new community members to understand Sia and its surrounding ecosystem. The wiki is maintained by the Sia community. Feel free to contribute!


See obelisk for more information about what Obelisk is about.

Do you need help?

If you need help, the best place to go is the Sia Slack. There you can always find someone who can answer your questions. Other good places are the Forum and Reddit. Please use the forum if you have questions that may be useful for other people as well. Like this, the questions and answers don't get lost so easily.

About Sia

Using the Sia Client

Guides and Tutorials



Sia Components




Renting (uploading)



Core Development

3rd Party Development

Sia in the News

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ - This section collects and answers some common questions we've seen asked by users on various forums. Feel free to link to here when you see an unanswered question somewhere and it's already been answered here.
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