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Bounty Program

On the 20th of July 2017 Nebulous Labs announced the Sia bounty program. Bounties allow the Sia team to reward contributors for building integrations between Sia and popular apps and platforms.

Right after announcing the program they kicked it off with a bounty for a plug-in integrating Minio with Sia.

A full explanation can be found on the Sia Blog.


The Sia team will post an issue in the Github issue tracker with the bounty tag applied. The issue description will give detailed information about the type of project and the monetary reward.

Outstanding Bounties

A list of all offered bounties ordered from new to old.

Posting date Integration Reward Current efforts
2017-08-29 Duplicati 400,000 SC (Unclaimed)
2017-07-20 Minio 300,000 SC (Claimed) Bounty awarded to dvstate
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