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Contribute to Development of Sia

There are many ways to contribute to Sia!


After reviewing the Developers' Guidelines for Sia, you can take a look at Sia on Gitlab and submit a Pull request.

You can also check out Third Party contributions and create your own project or contribute to an existing one with reference to the API Quickstart Guide.

Finally, you can take a look at the List of Sia Bounties and work on any that are open. More information on bounties can be found in this Sia Blog post.

Other Ways to Contribute

Help expand the Sia Wiki! See the Formatting Syntax.

Be active on Social Media: follow, share, ask and answer questions. Help the Sia community grow! Find Sia on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Join the #contributors channel on Sia's Discord and be among the first to test out and give feedback about the release candidates of Sia software, or find out other ways you can contribute.

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