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Nebulous Inc.

Nebulous Inc. is the company that develops Sia. Nebulous is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


David Vorick

Co-founder, lead developer of Sia Core.

A quote from the reddit AUA:

I've been a programmer since about the age of 11. Back then it was mostly html & javascript. At the age of 13 I started building websites with databases in php. Eventually learned Java and then C, and went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to get my undergrad degree in Computer Science. My final semester, spring 2014, I primarily worked on Sia - my courseload was very light.

Luke Champine

See nemo.

Johnathan Howell

Sia UI and Sia Core developer.

A quote from the reddit AUA:

I started programming around when I was 10, starting with SiMPLE (how archaic), eventually graduating to AppleScript, followed by Objective-C, Python, Javascript, C, and C++. I started my own freeware software development shop with a friend in middle school, we released a few OSX utilities that got a decent amount of usage. While I was in high school I became very interested in security and crypto, discovering Bitcoin in 2011. After high school I was the lead dev at a modestly successful imaging/computer-vision oriented startup, coding a desktop app in Qt/C++ as well as writing the core CV (alignment/contrast/sharpening) algorithms using OpenCV. My formal CS education consists of a spate of MIT OCW courses as well as years spent reading CS literature, doing other people's CS homework, and most importantly building and shipping software. I'm working on the front-end of Sia now, hoping to deliver a clean, well-built and easy to use UX around the core functionality, helping the network grow.

Zach Herbert

Head of Operations.

I'm a current MBA Student at Harvard Business school and I've done product/project management for enterprise technology companies. I've also launched a couple small startups. I studied mechanical engineering at Boston University, and started working with the Nebulous team in January 2017.


To date, Nebulous has raised $1.25M in total funding. Investors include Procyon Ventures, Raptor Group, Fenbushi Capital, and angel investor Xiaolai Li.

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