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Host Troubleshooting

Is My Host Working?

There's a pretty easy way to check if your host is working. Using siac (or the terminal plugin in the UI), run the command 'host -v', which will display statistics like the following:

General Info:
Estimated Competitive Price: 3.836 KS

Host Internal Settings:
acceptingcontracts:   Yes
maxduration:          14 Weeks
maxdownloadbatchsize: 17.83 MB
maxrevisebatchsize:   17.83 MB
netaddress:  (manually specified)
windowsize:           24 Hours

collateral:       200 SC / TB / Month
collateralbudget: 50 KS 
maxcollateral:    5 KS Per Contract

mincontractprice:          20 SC
mindownloadbandwidthprice: 50 SC / TB
minstorageprice:           100 SC / TB / Month
minuploadbandwidthprice:   10 SC / TB

Host Financials:
Contract Count:               113
Transaction Fee Compensation: 0 H
Potential Fee Compensation:   2.26 KS
Transaction Fee Expenses:     0 H

Storage Revenue:           0 H
Potential Storage Revenue: 36.1 SC

Locked Collateral: 1.919 KS
Risked Collateral: 72.2 SC
Lost Collateral:   0 H

Download Revenue:           0 H
Potential Download Revenue: 95.61 mS
Upload Revenue :            0 H
Potential Upload Revenue:   1.575 SC

RPC Stats:
Error Calls:        4482
Unrecognized Calls: 6
Download Calls:     530
Renew Calls:        39
Revise Calls:       40706
Settings Calls:     48702
FormContract Calls: 665

Storage Folders:
  Used          Capacity     % Used    Path
  156.284 GB    1.0000 TB    15.63     /home/david/hdd/hostFolder1

The 'RPC Stats' list calls that the host has received from over the network. If yo uare a new host, you may only have 'Settings Calls', but if that number is steadily increasing hour by hour, then your hosting is working!

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