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Hello, welcome to the Sia Wiki!

This wiki is intended as a source for new community members to understand Sia and its surrounding ecosystem. The wiki is maintained by the Sia community. Feel free to contribute!

Due to spam issues we were forced to disable registrations. If you would like to contribute please send an e-mail to with your desired username. You will receive an invite link soon after.

Do you need help?

For questions about how to use the software you should consult the official Support Center. If you cannot find your answers there one of the following resources might have the answer:

Frequently Asked Questions

A number of common questions about Sia (including the technology behind Sia, the coin, and others) are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions page. This is a good place to get started!

About Sia


Forked projects

Using the Sia Client

Guides and Tutorials

User Interface Management


Sia Components




Renting (uploading)



The Obelisk is a custom ASIC being developed for the Sia network. See the Obelisk page for more information.


Core Development

3rd Party Development

Sia in the News

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