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Sia Mining Pools

Known available mining pools in alphabetic order (last updated: October 2017):

Pool Fees Scheme Payout threshold Difficulty Other features
Luxor Mining 0.3% Pay-Per-Share 500SC Variable Currently 100% of the fees are paid to Sia Core developers. True Stratum support. Longpoll. Block finder gets 2% of block reward
Nanopool 2% PPLNS (3 hours) 1000SC Static: 50 billion
MiningPoolHub 0.9% Limited information is provided in the website
SiaMining 3% Pay-Per-Share 500SC Variable True Stratum support

Hashing power can also be traded using NiceHash

On June 2017, during the announcement of the Obelisk ASIC miner, developers announced their intention to introduce “decentralized mining pools” in the network

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