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 ====== Luke Champine (nemo) - Public Page ====== ====== Luke Champine (nemo) - Public Page ======
-Sia Core Dev.+Co-founder of Nebulous and Sia core dev. 
 +I am a 3rd-generation programmer: my father worked on Lotus Notes, and his father worked for the Navy, writing a missile guidance system in octal. I met David in college, where he convinced me to get involved with the open source software club. My first work on Sia was helping David write a presentation about it for the club. A few months later we decided to form Nebulous and work on Sia full-time, so I dropped out of college. I'm sure David would have dropped out too, but he accidentally graduated instead. 
 +Outside of Sia, I am interested in functional programming and programming language theory. I view programming as an end in itself, and I take pride in my work. I have a [[http://​|personal website]] where you can see some of my side projects.
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