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Using the Wallet

The Sia wallet can be used by running Sia-UI, or by using the Command Line Interface through the siac utility.

Screenshot of the Wallet

Confirmed Balance shows your current, confirmed, wallet balance.
Unconfirmed Delta shows the net amount of Siacoins that is currently in unconfirmed transactions.
Siafund Balance shows the number of Siafunds in your wallet. Note: this information is only displayed if there are Siafunds in your wallet, else it is hidden.

Lock Wallet: The Lock Wallet button locks the wallet.
Recover Seed: To recover funds from a seed use the Recover Seed button. More information about recovering a seed can be found here.
Send Siafund: To send Siafunds to someone or to cash out your collected Siafund claims, use the Send Siafund button. More information on cashing out can be found here.
Send Siacoin: To send Siacoins to someone, use the Send Siacoin button.
Receive Siacoin: To receive coins in your wallet, click the Receive Siacoin button. This will give you a new address. It's normal for the address to be different each time, this is to prevent address reuse.


The UI wallet consists of a list of transactions which includes the date, net value, ID, and confirmation status of the transaction. You can view more details about a transaction by copying the Transaction ID into the Sia Blockchain Explorer (

There are several different “events” that can result in a transaction:

  • Sending coins from one wallet to another wallet (input or output)
  • Renter contract formation (Allowance, output)
  • Host contract formation (Collateral, output)
  • Host storage revenue (input)
  • Host announcement fee (2.5 SC, output)

For every outgoing transactions you will also see an additional 0 SC transaction. They are artifacts of the way Sia sets up transactions. It performs a setup transaction to get an exact value, and then commits the real value. That would not be needed for normal transactions, but it greatly simplifies the code when building file contracts, payment channels, etc.

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